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Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse

Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse

      The Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse is a historic one room school located in Butler, NY. Built by Daniel Roe in the 1820's, it is believed to be the oldest cobblestone schoolhouse in North America. It was constructed using irregularly shaped, multi-colored fieldstones.

      The building not only served as a school but was used for early Methodist church services as well. It functioned as a school up until centralization took place in the 1930's. The schoolhouse was acquired by BHPS in 2009 and has been restored. The schoolhouse is on the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places.

National Register of Historic Places

Hours and Directions

Roe Schoolhouse Hours

Open to the public
The first Saturday of every month
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
June through September

You can also call
Dorothy Wiggins at 315-594-2332 or
Lori Howland at 315-594-1844
to set up an appointment.


The Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse is located on the corner of Van Vleck Rd and Rt 89 in Butler, NY. (MAP)


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