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Butler Center Church Museum

Butler Center Church Museum

      Built in 1836, the Methodist Episcopal Church of Butler is the oldest known Methodist church in Wayne County, NY. The original congregation raised $1000 to purchase the land and build the church. Before that time they had met in schools or private homes.

      It was constructed of trees cut on site and milled at the local Vieles sawmill. The original construction was of the popular Greek Revival style. In the 1860's, some Italianate style detailing was added. The building is a simple rectangular shape with a rear annex which was used as a kitchen and Sunday school rooms. The paneled lectern area of the pulpit is still the original from 1836. Outlines of the original pew boxes can be seen on the floor and the doors from them were found in the attic and preserved. The vestibule contains double door entries - one for men and one for women. The sanctuary contains the original two story shuttered windows. The building's crowning glory is the unique bell tower.

      The church was used for regular services until 1968. After that, it was used for two services a year until the 1980's. After many years of neglect, it was sold to the Town of Butler for $1.00 and the Butler Historical Preservation Society began restoring the building. The annex is now home to the Butler Center Church Museum. The "Methodist Episcopal Church of Butler" was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 24, 1997. The church is also on the New York State Register of Historic Places.

National Register of Historic Places

Hours and Directions

Butler Center Church Museum Hours

Open to the public
The first Saturday of every month
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
June through September

You can also call
Dorothy Wiggins at 315-594-2332 or
Lori Howland at 315-594-1844
to set up an appointment.


The Butler Center Church Museum is located at 4518 Butler Center Rd in Butler, NY. (MAP)


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